About GeoLotto

We're GeoLotto, the next-generation, location based online lotto game with big cash prizes!

OurTeam: Geo24 UK is the company behind GeoLotto.co.uk and is made up of a team of dedicated and hugely passionate lottery and gaming experts. We work hard to make sure you get a great online game, cash prizes, the best odds and overall experience playing our games.

Our Experience: Geo24 UK is a team of true experts and invests a lot of time and energy into research and technology. With the knowledge our team has collected over the (many) years, we're constantly improving and innovating the games to make them even better.

Our Technology: Our lucky players have got the clever team at Geonomics to thank for the GeoLotto and Treasure Hunt instant win games. They decided back in 2008 that they wanted to revolutionise the lottery industry to create an innovative game, driven by the latest technology and with a little help from Google maps. Our games aren't copies of existing games or old games with new names on them, they're unique, exciting…imagine a lotto without balls!

Our Support: Tipp24, the prestigious German Lottery company with ventures across Europe, saw our innovative product and helped to bring GeoLotto to life by investing in Geo24 UK. Their support means we have the best talent, technology and expertise to make sure we can give players the best experience and access to world class prizes. Tipp24 was founded in 1999 and today more than 2.9 million customers use Tipp24 to play and bet on Europe's biggest lotteries. Tipp24 operates in three countries (Italy, Spain and the UK), is listed on the German stock exchange and handles online transactions worth over €300 million every year.

Here's the official stuff:
  • We're regulated by the UK Gambling Commission – license number 000-027025-R-308720-005
  • We protect your information by being certified through Comodo Secure. We will never share your details without your permission.
  • We ensure that all our transactions are secure through Barclays Verified by Visa.
  • We're proud to be certified by GamCare – they provide support, information and advice for anyone experiencing issues with gambling. For more information about responsible gambling visit www.gambleaware.co.uk
  • We're listed as a privately owned company based in lovely London. Contact Us
  • We're here to help. Call us on 0800 684 8710 (from landlines) or 0207 048 96 57 (from mobiles) or email us on info@geolotto.co.uk

As a company we’ll always be open, fair and generous. Our standards are high and we’re committed to delivering the best value whilst providing you with hours of fun where your favourite places win you great cash prizes!

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